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Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter
Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter
Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter

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Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter

What is Black fragility...

Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter

Black fragility is the lack of accountability on the part of Black people when they are confronted with information about how their behavior negatively impacts the Black family nucleus and Black communities at large. This negative impact develops from an attempt to alleviate their internalized racism through their proximity to whiteness and/or self-destructive behaviors.


Black Fragility by Adrian N. Carter

In this open letter to Black men and women, we take the focus off the proverbial "white man" and talk about what we can control. I have a simple belief: when you control what you can, you are preparing what you cannot control to eventually be in your control. Doing so begins with a courageous conversation about the intra-personal and interpersonal commitment Black men and women need to undergo to protect and improve the family nucleus and overcome the fragility toward being accountable.

Unaccountability is a plague against the human will. Black people cannot continue to be unaccountable for their contribution to the dissolution of our Black communities. Otherwise, you point blame elsewhere and remain profoundly stagnant and spiritually and economically impoverished as a people. We must do better where we can.

Please understand, if you do not self-identify as a Black person, be advised this book is not intended for you. You can put it down. However, if you decide to continue reading, understand no part of this book is intended for non-Black people to weaponize against Black people. Instead, be reflective of systemic racism and the exhaustive list of injustices that have contributed to the plight of Black people throughout the United States of America and the world-at-large.


Dr. Adrian Carter is one of the best among thousands of highly trained professionals who can help our people grow above and beyond the divide-and-conquer that threatens our very existence.



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