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Author Adrian N. Carter is a thought leader who unpacks the intersectionality of conflict in romance, economics, politics, religion, psychology, and social norms that confront the daily lives of people. His books are solution-oriented, introspective, and revolutionary. 

Black Fragility Dr. Adrian N. Carter

In this open letter to Black men and women, we take the focus off the proverbial "white man" and talk about what we can control. I have a simple belief: when you control what you can, you are preparing what you cannot control to eventually be in your control. Doing so begins with a courageous conversation about the intra-personal and interpersonal commitment Black men and women need to undergo to protect and improve the family nucleus and overcome the fragility toward being accountable.

Unaccountability is a plague against the human will. Black people cannot continue to be unaccountable for their contribution to the dissolution of our Black communities. Otherwise, you point blame elsewhere and remain profoundly stagnant and spiritually and economically impoverished as a people. We must do better where we can.

Emerging Dr. Adrian N. Carter

What do men want when it comes to love, marriage, and family? While the answer to this question is often skewed to something more dubious, they want the same things as women. Men want to feel loved, cherished, and supported to name a few. However, the social construct of gender roles is overwhelmingly incongruent and saturated with relationship-ending conflict brought on by mounting expectations to meet unattainable standards. Many men struggle in relationships as they are challenged to meet the standards of a world that has already prescribed what manhood and masculinity ought to be.

Let's Get Married Dr. Adrian N. Carter
Emerging Dr. Adrian N. Carter

Leadership in the 21st Century Using The Ellison Model

Poetry on spiritual, life, death, and overcoming.

Lovebook I Dr. Adrian N. Carter

Spoken Word Album

Lovebook II Sleeve_WEB 3.jpg

Spoken Word Album

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