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About the Author

Adrian N. Carter, PhD is a conflict resolution practitioner, leadership development trainer, equity consultant, and executive conflict and life coach with more than 20 years of experience.

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Adrian N. Carter, PhD

Adrian N. Carter, with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Conflict Resolution Studies, is the founder and CEO of the Carter Development Group, LLC (CDG), a leadership development, conflict resolution, and equity firm. Dr. Carter trains, coaches, provide keynote addresses, and facilitates interpersonal and organizational leadership that resolves conflict by bridging the gap between persons and organizations using The Ellison Model.


As a conflict resolution practitioner, trained mediator, facilitator, and executive conflict coach with more than 20 years of experience in leadership development, Dr. Carter has impacted thousands of people using The Ellison Model. The Ellison Model is a diversity, equity, and inclusion tool for social development, developed by world-class sociologist, professor, and mentor Dr. Deryl G. Hunt. The content areas of The Ellison Model make it an effective and solution-oriented model for corporate, government, non-profits, and educational institutions. Those content areas are Inclusion, Multicultural Appreciation, Conflict Resolution, Mentorship, and Relationship Building. Adrian has both personally and professionally used The Ellison Model’s inclusive theories to impact his life and the lives of others for leadership excellence. Dr. Carter firmly contends, “It’s not the problem that counts – It’s the solution.”

Moreover, Dr. Carter is a thought leader, committed to influencing people through his trainings and publications into becoming more caring, sharing, and loving individuals who understand the importance of inclusive community building.  Dr. Carter is author of the must-have leadership development book, Emerging as the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time: Leadership in the 21st Century Using the Ellison Model.


Dr. Carter is also the author of a powerful book on love, marriage, and relationships titled Let's Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It Last: A Heart-to-Heart with Men on Loving and Leading. The book challenges social norms and gender roles for the betterment of romantic and interpersonal relationships.  His motto is #buildsolutions.

Dr. Carter’s work in leadership development, conflict resolution, and equity is robust. With a strong background in K-12 and higher education, Dr. Carter has served in numerous equity roles and has organized numerous events for cultural education and engagement.

Dr. Carter is the founder of the Center for Advanced Leadership and Conflict Resolution, a 501(c)(3) non-profit for educating men and boys on conflict resolution and equity. The signature event of the non-profit is the EmpowerMEN Conference, a male empowerment initiative focused on conflict resolution, leadership development, and redefining the identity of men in the 21st century. Dr. Carter places immense focus on the identity, emotion, and power of men, specifically examining race relations, gender roles, the education system and how they create inter-personal and organizational conflict amongst men, women, and society.

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