Adrian N. Carter is a conflict resolution expert helping individuals and corporations understand and solve problems by serving as a leadership development trainer and life & relationship building coach. Adrian has been impacting organizations and institutions of higher education for over 16 years with his dynamic and progressive ability to lead, resolve conflict, and create solutions -- making him a sought after Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Trainer.


As an Author, International Speaker, and Leadership Development Trainer, with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Leadership, Adrian has been excelling in leadership roles since his enrollment at Florida International University (FIU), one of the nations top ranked institutions of higher education. In 2014, Adrian developed 3R Solution Leadership Success Trainings, which empowers every individual to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time. He has been helping leaders achieve this success using The Ellison Model.


As one of the first trainees of The Ellison Model, developed by world-class sociologist and professor Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, Adrian has both personally and professionally used his 3R Solution and the Ellison Model’s inclusive theories to impact his life and the lives of others for leadership excellence. Ultimately, Adrian is a thought leader, committed to influencing people through his training, publications, and poetry into becoming more caring, sharing, and loving individuals who understand the importance of inclusive community building.


Adrian’s professional experiences with institutions of higher education, both as a student leader and a higher education administrator, have given him a direct understanding of both the desires and challenges institutions of higher education face.  As a former, Student Government President for two consecutive years at FIU, and member of FIU’s Board of Directors, Adrian is thankful for the opportunity that came under his presidency to lead a team that was directly responsible for allocating $7 million dollars for Student Affairs, raising funds for international students, and helping welcome Division 1 football to FIU. The impact Adrian N. Carter had on Multicultural Programs and Services and Student Government propelled him into a professional career in Student Affairs for the next eleven years, where he served as a higher education administrator, in the roles of:


  • Director of Student Life & Leadership Development creating and directing new student orientation programs, advising Student Government and Student Programming, and managing student organizations;

  • Associate Registrar managing the student records department;

  • Competitive Edge advising student leadership group and shadowing program that included members of state of the Florida legislature; and

  • Adjunct faculty member for seven years teaching Student Success Strategies to incoming freshmen students.


Most of the students and staff members who have been under the leadership of Mr. Carter have adopted The Ellison Model as a way of life, propelling them into personal and professional fulfillment, including high levels of leadership. Adrian teaches interpersonal and organizational leadership in a way that resolves conflict by bridging the gap between persons and organizations. Inclusion, Multicultural Appreciation, Conflict Resolution, Mentorship, and Relationship Building are the five content areas that make the multi-faceted leadership development tool, The Ellison Model, an effective and solution oriented leadership approach for all institutions.  “It’s not the problem that counts… it’s the solution.” Adrian Carter is your Solution Expert. 

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