Facilitation Services

Group facilitation provides an opportunity for individuals, corporations, and organizations to manage or resolve conflict in a safe environment. Facilitative dialogue is a participatory process and is often effective at empowering all parties in reaching mutually agreeable solutions. 

Conflict Resolution Training

The kaleidoscope of diversity in organizations and the workplace inevitably breathes conflict, making conflict resolution training a necessity to provide techniques for identifying, managing, and understanding the negative effects of unresolved conflict. These trainings utilizes the strength of The Ellison Model to assist trainees see conflict resolution as a unitary process and a community building necessity.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is usually a one-on-one process that provides tools to help a client resolve conflict. Conflict coaching is effective for interpersonal, work-related, or family-related matters. In this process clients have the opportunity to explore their identity, emotions, and power dynamics in building their solution bridge. 


I'm all about personal development to assist people become great in this thing called life. The age-old question, "Who am I," is actually a pretty simple answer to uncover. The deeper question, after defining your who, is what do you do with it? It's my personal mission to help you uncover this answer and facilitate your journey toward the nucleus of their purpose. 

Through this Deep Dive Coaching Session, let's plan for a brighter future by addressing barriers causing your stagnation, mood swings, pessimism, and uncertainty. There's a star in you waiting to shine. You deserve better. You are worth it. Greatness lives in you. We will discover your deepest values, motivations, and fears in addition to analyzing your self-talk, daily routine, and sense of spirituality.

Through an in-depth conversation, get constructive feedback and some awesome tips to help you identify strategies and resources, and fine-tune your personal goals. Sometimes, all you need is a neutral ear with depth and experience to help you finalize your next steps. 

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