Student Development

3R Conflict Resolution Training: 

#KnowYourself to #KnowYourWealth

(Presentation & Workshop, 90 Minutes)


Knowing who you are and your purpose in life can sometimes feel like a speeding train that won't slow down to let you hop onboard. This workshop will guide you through a self-discovery process, helping you to resolve conflict and know your leadership style via The Ellison Model. This workshop is not about money; it's about wealth. 


Students will learn:

  • How to make decisions that lead to their success

  • How to create goals and execute

  • How to identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts first 


3R Inclusivity Training: From Diversity To Something More

(Interactive Presentation, 45-60 Minutes)


Individuals and organizations love to encourage and celebrate diversity. What if I told you the term "diversity" is only a starting point on the continuum to something greater. After all, diversity still places the focus on differences. The Ellison Model presents a broader and more unifying approaching to diversity training. 


Students will learn:

  • How to understand perspectives of diversity

  • The transformational process of moving from diversity

  • How to navigate a multicultural world with different belief systems


3R "Leadership for the 21st Century Using The Ellison Model"

Leadership Development Retreat

(20 Hour Curriculum/2-3 Day Retreat)


Take your student leaders through an immersed curriculum on how to exercise and develop their leadership muscle. This 20-hour curriculum incorporates definitions, best practices, problem-solving skills, and teambuilding exercises to have your student leaders geared up to make a difference on campus.


Students will learn:

  • Leadership development skills focused on 

    • Teambuilding

    • Communication

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Goal Setting

    • GOMABCD 7 Step Process to Character Development 


3R Perfecting Your Golf Swing in Life

(Presentation & Workshop, 8 hours)


This leadership development training uses the game of golf to draw a parallel to the game of life and how your approach to both has a similar outcome. Ideally, this customizable training takes place at a local golf course and includes a round of golf for the participants. This training is informative, creative, and tons of fun. 


Students will learn:

  • The business impact of learning the game of golf

  • The parallels between golf terminologies and leadership terminologies

  • Exposure to the game of golf

  • Life-long skills 


Career Day at Cooper City Charter School

Career Day 

Renaissance Charter School

Cooper City, FL

Celebrity Success Week (Miami Dade College)

Celebrity Success Week

South Florida High School Students

Miami Dade College

Convocation Speaker

Let Adrian's phenomenal

Convocation Address spark your incoming Freshmen class. It's the speech they need to hear.


They will be empowered to know that in our competitive world there is


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