The Ellison Model 7 Step Process for Team Building

(Presentation & Workshop 60-90 Minutes)


Companies are dynamic, evolving entities with many moving parts. But companies can only be as impactful as the service clients receive from front line staff who answer the phones to the attitudes embodied by the executives and CEO. 


The Ellison Model 7 Step Process for Team Building will 

  • Realign staff toward an inclusive community building approach for all company stakeholders.   

  • Shape staff's attitudes toward character and economic development in a team setting. 

  • Move staff from a single-minded attitude to a team building mentality that promotes collaboration, comradery, and progress within the department.


3R Conflict Resolution Training

(Presentation & Workshop, 90 Minutes)


Resolving workplace conflict requires skill, patience, and training to identify the problem, prescribe the solution, and follow up accordingly. The Ellison Model is the quintessential tool to provide managers and leaders the qualitative skill they need to resolving conflict. This workshop will provide hands-on training to attendees. 


Managers will learn:

  • How to properly assess and diagnose the behavior versus the conflict

  • How identify and understand inner-conflict versus the outer-conflict

  • How to walk through the problem-solving process and mediate a group conflict or conflict between individuals. 


3R Developing a Leadership Mindset

(Workshop 45-60 Minutes)


This workshop educates managers on different leadership styles and skills to help them understand and learn how to apply appropriate and effective leadership based on the situation.


Managers will learn

  • The difference between managing versus leading

  • Situational leadership


3R Perfecting Your Golf Swing in Life

(Presentation & Workshop, 8 hours)


This leadership development training uses the game of golf to draw a parallel to the game of life and how your approach to both has a similar outcome. Ideally, this customizable training takes place at a local golf course and includes a round of golf for the participants. This training is informative, creative, and tons of fun. 


Participants will learn:

  • The business impact of learning the game of golf

  • The parallels between golf terminologies and leadership terminologies

  • Exposure to the game of golf

  • Life-long skills 



Indigo Life Women's Empowerment Conference 2016

Marketing Yourself 101

2016 Indigo Life Women's Empowerment Conference

Cordele, GA

Indigo Life Women's Empowerment Conference 2016

Passion to Profit Entrepreneurship Facilitator

2016 Indigo Life Women's Empowerment Conference

Cordele, GA

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