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Black Men & Boys

to Take the Lead

Power, Leadership, & Changing Gender Roles in the 21st Century

Being a man in the 21st is changing drastically as the role of women has also changed. Men need to rethink power, leadership, and gender roles as they build more inclusive platforms that embrace and guide them through these social changes.

Audience members will:

• Learn 7 Steps to build better relationships with self.

• Understand the history of women in education and business and the changing gender roles of the 21st Century.

• Be equipped with steps to redefine their social identity.

• Be prepared for the Challenge of change.

• Identify vectors of diversity and what causes conflict.

Dr. Adrian N. Carter Keynote Address Empowering Black Men & Boys

Overcoming the


Healing, Encouraging, Loving, & Protecting Blackness

Black fragility is the lack of accountability on the part of Black people when they are confronted with information regarding the negative impact their behavior has on the Black family nucleus and Black communities at large. This  negative impact develops from an attempt to alleviate their internalized racism through their proximity to whiteness and/or their continuation of self-destructive behaviors. In so doing, Black people become complicit in upholding institutions of whiteness and white supremacy, which results in the destruction of Blackness.

Audience members will:

• Engage in a courageous conversation about internalized racism.

• Understand the systemic impact of Black fragility.

• Address the unaccountability of Black men and women in the 21st century.

• Discuss solutions to overcome the fragility to sustain and H.E.L.P. the Black family nucleus and Black communities at-large.

Dr. Adrian N. Carter Keynote Address Overcoming the Fragility

Know Yourself to

Know Your Wealth

Understanding Your "I am"

You're worth something. Unfortunately, too often life experiences steam rolls over our lives, making us second-guess our passion, purpose, and dreams. Knowing yourself is a matter of resolving internal conflicts so you can get back on the road to knowing and owning your wealth. Healed people, heal people. This keynote pulls on The Ellison Model to discuss conflict resolution for personal development.

Audience members will:

• Identify the role internal conflict plays in their life.

• Learn how to monetize their strengths.

• Learn how to identify vectors of diversity and conflict between parties.

Dr. Adrian N. Carter Keynote Address Know Yourself

What Happens

After 99?

Developing Mental Toughness to Overcome Adversity & Live 100

"I got 99 problems..." What do you do after your life crashes into everything you've worked for? Watching your life fall apart is fortunately not the end of your story. However, we cannot deny how painful, confusing, and lost we feel as we watch our world turns upside down. The most disparaging part is watching the cycle of abuse and bad choices rearing its ugly head into the parts of life most important to you.

Hear Adrian's personal story of the sexual abuse and domestic violence, but most importantly, how he developed the mental fortitude to recovered and live 100.

Audience members will:

• Learn steps to healing from past pain.

• Identify the role internal conflict plays in the healing process.

• Learn steps toward living a purpose filled life.

Dr. Adrian N. Carter Keynote Address Live 100
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