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What Happens After 99: A Keynote Address on Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Foccused on sexual abuse & domestic violence awareness.  T

It's a secret society comprised of you and the abuser; it's a membership pledge that can haunt you for a lifetime; it's a badge of hurt, uncertainty, and fear. It happens to women. It happens to men. Adrian's overcoming story of breaking the cycle of abuse is a powerful message to assist men and women who have faced sexual abuse and domestic violence in their past. Adrian eloquently presents this hard-to-discuss topic with love and compassion.


Attendees will learn:

  • How to stop the cycle of abuse

  • How to identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts using The Ellison Model

  • How to overcome adversity and Live 100.



Sickle Cell Anemia Advocate 


Adrian is also a spokespoerson for Advancing Sickle Cell Advocay Project, Inc (ASAP). This group is dedicated to raising awareness, fundraising, and lobbying legislators for improved programs and services to people living with the sickle-cell anemia disease.

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