Find. Refine. Redefine. Remind.

I once heard an actor say during a television interview promoting an upcoming movie that the director would have them redo the scenes so many times that it worked the "acting" out of them. Well, I've been hurt so many times that I'm no longer afraid of being hurt. The process of life has refined me. And like the actors, it's resulted in more fluid and authentic scenes that has shaved off the mechanical response that I found myself projecting.


The process of life will have you redo scenes until you stop "faking it" and actually start having the right attitude, behavior, communication and discipline.  Why do people fake it? Because they are scared of rejection, being hurt, insulting others, and afraid of what changes they'll have to make in themselves in order to be succesful. People are often comfortable being who they are knowing they need drastic improvement. People are sometimes fearful of fear itself.


Being hurt, challenged, or finding yourself in tough situations over and over again is Life replaying scenes until you are no longer afraid, until you are no longer mechanically responding, and you are now walking with a sense of empowerment knowing that you can overcome obstacles through faith and obedience to good counsel.


When I say "I'm no longer afraid of being hurt," it means that I've been through so many experiences in life that has exposed my shortcomings that I now know how to overcome. Life has consistently presented challenges that I've had no choice but to either live in humility or die in pride. The awareness removes the fear of being hurt or needing validation. The awareness brought me into alignment of who I am and who's I am. Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find, refind, redefine, and remind yourself that who you are is as important as who's you are.  


When you are no longer afraid of being hurt, you are no longer afraid of challenges. It will rain, but will you reign? 







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