Honor Thyself

December 8, 2015

You demonstrate honor to thyself by walking in the authenticity of your creation. Discovering that authenticity takes time, it's a process. But as you learn yourself and discover your gifts, you are purposed to walk in those gifts. However, mankind created a problem in it's un-infinite wisdom be associating financials to the results of your purpose. For example, an individual purposed as a dancer, someone who's very day-to-day activity moves like a ballerina, may look at the role of being a dancer and not see a lot of capital/money in dancing. So they shy away from dancing. But it wasn't like this in the beginning. Not so in the Garden of Eden. When God created man and woman he allowed all of Adam and Eve's dreams to come true. God allowed them to be who they authentically were, the only currency was OBEDIENCE. Adam and Eve, you may eat of any treat except for this one, God said. Adam and Eve's purpose was fulfilled in their obedience to the commandment regarding what to eat. 


I encourage you to walk in your purpose and not let money guide your motivation away from being your authentic self. You will live with a void for the rest of your life til that matter is reconciled. It's a hollow feeling that you may have dumped a bunch of things in to occupy space over the years, but that space will always feel slightly unfilfilled. Honor yourself by being who you are. Now that doesn't mean that individuals with negative, defensive, sneaky, lying, careless, dismissive, rude, etc attitudes is acceptable of being honored. Being your authentic self will always be a caring, sharing, and loving individual that helps move our society forward. Know Thyself. Honor Thyself.  Respect Thyself. 




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