"Adrian is one of the most gifted persons I know. His high aptitude for Student Affairs and leadership development has always brought him front and center to leadership roles in his career. He brings greatness to the table to make others great."

- Laura Antczak, AVP of Enrollment Mgmt

and Student Success,

Florida SouthWestern State College

"As his Campus Life advisor, I’ve seen him turn around dysfunctional and moribund organizations as a student leader and transform those experiences into a template for building strong service models as a Student Affairs professional. He gets that leadership is compassion in action and we are only as good as the Good we do for others. He not only dreams of the “Big We”; by edifying others and providing visionary solutions, he builds successful communities."

- David Cole, Program Director, Continuing Education & Professional Development, 

Miami-Dade College

"Mr. Carter redesigned our campus orientation which produced outstanding results and a sharp increase in attendance. Perhaps Adrian’s greatest strength is his pro-active style and great personality."

- David Asencio, Former Dean of Student Affairs, Broward College

"Thank you for your time and enthusiasm Mr. Carter. I value the fact that you brought substance, quality and passion in your presentation to the Bryce Legacy Group members."

- Georgia Bryce, Certified Life Coach

CEO of Building According to Pattern, LLC

"I would rank Mr. Carter in the top 5% of colleagues I have worked with in terms of leadership and understanding the academic and learning aspects of the roles in which he serves."

- Neil Cohen, AVP for Student Affairs, Broward College

"I've worked with Adrian as an advisor. Under his administration many students have been groomed for leadership;many have gone on to assume high management positions for major corporations."

- Alicia Ritchey, Ed.D.,

CEO of Indigo Communitcations,

Nationally Board Certified Educator 

"I have known Mr. Adrian Carter for over 10 years, since my first year in college. His mentorship has been crucial in my overall professional and social development. At the time of our first meeting I was an extremely shy and insecure person as it related to my professional endeavors. With Mr. Carter's help he guided me on my path of self-confidence and showed me step-by-step approaches on how to conduct myself successfully in a professional environment." 


Patrick Blanc, Administrator for Excellent Care, Inc

"The Ellison Model principles have helped me tremendously going up the ladder in my career. Part of the success in my career is the fact that I have a great deal of multi-cultural appreciation, as I deal with in my market segment which is culturally very international...Having Adrian as my advisor was a pretty valuable experience. He encouraged us as a team to capitalize on our talents and lead. He exposed us to real life leaders and we learned from them. Most important of all, he was steady in his commitment to the group while holding as accountable on our tasks. I am thankful I had such an opportunity to plant seeds that are now blossoming. Thanks Adrian Carter!" 


Jenny Khol, Designer Account Executive for the Sherwin Williams Company South Florida

"Of all the principles learned from the training, the emphasis on inclusion stands out to me the most. You will deal with many personalities with different viewpoints, beliefs, and goals, and you have to be able to take these differences and utilize them in a way that makes others feel included and appreciated when making decisions that affect the company. Mr. Adrian Carter was absolutely top notch and excellent throughout the entire process. Adrian's ability to see the big picture coupled with his high ethical standards and gravitas made this program something I will remember forever." 


Rashaan Ahmad, Resident Assistant, University of Miami

"The Ellison Model opened the door to a world that I did not know. This world is the world of leaders. I learned that my different point of views were valuable in the process of building projects. I learned that communities are built on trust and respect to other peoples's ideas. But over all, I learned that I can lead to create a more inclusive community. Mr. Carter has a natural ability to create an atmosphere where everybody wants to participate. He has a keen eye to spot and connect the best qualities of a person to not only compliment but to enhance a team." 


J. Alfredo Alderete, New York Life Agent & Entrepreneur

"The Leadership Program at Broward College and The Ellison Model helped shaped my public speaking abilities and improve my leadership style. The principles that stood out the most were inclusiveness of others, learning how to respect others opinions and validate each individual thoughts. Mr. Carter was a phenomenal advisor during the program. His professionalism and ability to manage various personalities at once was definitely inspiring." 


Yahalia Franklin, Owner at 4-My Angels, LLC

"Mr. Carter's mentorship has been a crucial part of my young professional development and career. Having been confronted with many situations dealing with pressure, flaring emotions, and leading individuals of different backgrounds, I've been able to take all of my lessons with The Ellison Model and take my teams to success. The Ellison Model, above all else, emphasized to me the importance of being a leader is not to be a boss, but to be the equal on your team. It's with that attitude that I have managed the individuals I have worked with." 


Alexander Black, Data Scientist at MIT Agelab

"Mr. Carter exemplifies transformational and charismatic leadership, which makes working with him simply, AMAZING! He’s an innovative and dedicated leader willing to engage his students through creative and critical thinking. As an introvert, I lacked confidence in my skills. Mr. Carter managed to transition me out my comfort zone, and assigned special projects to me to engage employees and students. This led me to initiate social media outlets for the department, events, and gain experience in my field. He mentored me and publicly recognized me, which uplifted my spirit. To this day I still consider Mr. Carter my biggest mentor. " 


Daniela Rendon, Software Engineer

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